Telescopic boom aerial working platform MAGNI DTB28HRT


Maximum working height: 28.6 m

Maximum platform height: 26.6 m

Maximum capacity limited basket: 454 Kg

Maximum operating inclination: 5°

Driving engine: Deutz TD L4 2.9 55 kW

Basket sizes: 2.44 x 0.91 m

Pneumatic wheelbase: 2.80 m

Turning radius-external: 3.74 m

Turning radius-internal: 0.97 m

Vertical rotation jib: 132°(+71°/-61°)

Length jib: 2.60 m

Vertical arm rotation: 71° (+68°/-3°)

Hydraulic basket rotation: 180°(+-90°)

Turret rotation (continued): 360°

Maximum slope exceedable (closed): 45%

Total weight: 17700 Kg

Diesel telescopic boom lift  MAGNI DTB28HRT

MAGNI DTB28HRT is a 28,6 meters telescopic boom lift platform with diesel powertrain and dana trasmissions. Rough terrain telescopic boom lifts MAGNI or access platforms for sales in Moscow from CVH rental and sales.

Aerial working platform MAGNI DTB28HRT for sale

We offer the telescopic boom access platforms MAGNI or aerial working platforms for sale in Russia with 2 years warranty and services from the official dealer CVH rental and sales located in Moscow.